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The cakes consist of a mixture of eggs feta teeth in Vietnam

The cakes consist of a mixture of eggs feta teeth in Vietnam, can be inserted into the daily routine, used to replace missing teeth alternating or loss of all teeth and related gums, also help support the lips, cheeks, avoidance. Wrinkles around the mouth, reducing the cheek to help smile always fresh, natural. False dentures can be done quickly, without pain, but it takes time to become familiar with dentures. When bleeding easily bleeding. The gingival area surrounding the neck is not clean (plaque or tartar), the gingival area is not firm, fluttering, red bruise, etc. How To Treat Gingivitis? Visit the dental clinic to remove plaque and plaque, then polishing the teeth with specialized tools. The time taken for polishing lime is 30 to 60 minutes depending on the level of lime more or less.
Should take tartar should be done periodically every 6 months is the best in preventing gum disease.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Types of removable dentures teeth

Hard plastic removal Saigon Vietnam dental implants

– For the loss of teeth (can also be used for partial loss of teeth). All are plastic, this denture rests on the gums (mucus) in the mouth, the chewing force directly affects the gums to the jaw.

The partial denture replaces one or more missing teeth, fills the tooth loss area and helps prevent ingestion of adjacent teeth.

Metal frame function

– This is the option when part teeth are lost. Make dentures of metal should be quite sure, resting on the chewing surface of the real teeth, so the chewing force also spread through the real teeth. Size is smaller than plastic, reducing discomfort for patients.

Plastic jaws

– Made of plastic, light and compact, so aesthetically high, more adaptable to the frame. But the jaw is recommended during implant transplantation, because it is easily deformed due to its loose plasticity. In addition, it can be irritated by saliva, accelerating the process of bone removal faster than normal.

Implant implants in the jaw bone are one of the more aesthetic and enduring solutions to the jaw bone. This is a solution to overcome the disadvantages of the removable function such as: stability is not high, not stick to the feeling of fluttering in the mouth after a period of use, easy to fall, slipping into chewing and talking … Not to mention the chewing of the jaw. vietnam dentist prices

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